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About us

About SAN-YI

San-Yi Rubber Industry Co., Ltd was established in 1970, the original name was Sen-fa Company.
In order to provide the superior quality and the best technology to our customers during the competitive market, as a result, we have changed our name in 1980.

We are manufacturer of professionaltechnology for vibration-proof rubber、rubber head screw、rubber and silicone component parts etc. and accord the standard producing line.

We ensure giving our customers the best price, the highest quality and full satisfaction.

"Quality, Service, Efficiency, Innovation" provides customers with comprehensive services. San-Yi rubber has been always engaged in providing the customized producing process which is based on the standard of International Quality Certification. We promise to offer the high quality products and well customer service .We have the most competitive price, quality guarantee, and delivery on time. We will look forward to achieving the sustainable development. We will keep on the innovation and step to the future.

San-Yi rubber has been approved by ISO9001:2015 certificate of registration; In manufacturing process, all raw material, we offer qualified SGS、ROHs(Restriction of Hazardous Substances)report, we also use several accurate equipment for testing to control quality.

The best quality and service

Teflon rubber

1. Teflon seat ball valve:Teflon seat ball valve to improve the problem of old style rubber about aging and leakage, the improved new style material coating with Teflon combined the advantage with the wear resistance of Teflon and elasticity and sealing of rubber, in effect to water proof and extend the service life of product.
2. Vertical guide slide for elevator:Mainly used when the guide rod moves up and down, using the features of Teflon and rubber such as wear resistance and shock absorption to prevent the noise.
3. Elevator door slider:Using the characteristics of Teflon in combination with rubber and iron component which is rich in elasticity and abrasion resistant conduce to extend the service life of elevator switch operations,shock absorption to prevent the noise.
4. Adhesive laminating machine rubber head:Specially developed for adhesive laminating equipment. It combines the abrasion resistance of Teflon, smoothness and elasticity of rubber to make it have excellent laminating effect and extend the service life of product.

Rubber screw

with the effect of shock-proof,which effectively eliminates the noise between metals and shock-absorbing.

Rubber double rew

Rubber double screws with sc characteristics of rubber shock absorption, applied to the rubber part of shock-proof component in the equipment.

Rubber wheel-1

Combine with materials such as iron、aluminum alloy、copper、bearing、Teflon.
Application include:Limit switch wheel、elevator doll roller、Automation equipment actuation wheel etc.

Rubber wheel-2

High-hardness guide wheel, oil and abrasion resistance can make the machinery in operation more stable.
Application include:Elevator guide equipment、transport equipment.

Self rubber / silicone adhesive pads

Combined the effect of tape, silicon and rubber such as elasticity, anti-slip, applicable for various products.
Application include:3C products, furniture industry, computer products etc...